Myungrang Hotdog
Myungrang America, LLC, franchise company of Myungrang Hot Dog which is one of the top K-Pop brands in the U.S., is recruiting subfranchisees! Myungrang America, LLC is currently registered as a franchise business from California Department of Financial Protection & Innovation.

1. Able to open your own business with affordable investment
2. Simplified business opening process
3. Myungrang America, LLC will provide comprehensive support and training

Areas of potential stores:
California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Irvine, Tustin, Arcadia, Diamond Bar, Rancho Cucamonga, Pomona, Pasadena, Hollywood etc.) and all U.S. states except the franchise registration states(Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin). In case of applicants of the franchise registration states, we will offer and sell our franchise system after we are registered.



If you need any further information, Please contact us.

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​Neither this website nor the information contained on it constitutes the offer to sell or the sale of a franchise. An offer to sell a Myungrang Hot Dog Shop franchise can only be made through the delivery and receipt of our Franchise Disclosure Document as required by the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule and the laws of various states in the United States. Fifteen states prohibit the offer or sale of a franchise in the state unless the franchise offering has been registered with the state as required by the particular state law. Those states are California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin("Registration States"). We do not and will not offer or sell a franchise to a resident of or for a location in a Registration State until we have complied with the requirements of the Registration State's law. We will not sell a franchise in any state or territory of the United States until we have complied with the pre-sale disclosure requirements of the Federal Trade Commission's Franchise Rule.
New York Residents: This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Such filing does not constitute approval by the Department of Law. An offer of a franchise can only be made directly by us and in compliance with all applicable laws.